Yun Wei

[BIO]: Yun received an MFA in Poetry from CUNY – Brooklyn College and currently works in New York City as an investment analyst.


I Need More Buttons

just in case
this cuff decides to quit
and move to LA to act
yeah it’s been dreaming about Sunset Boulevard

more buttons to bind me
because this shirt has been
showing up late these days
doesn’t even blink when coffee spills
just sits there
squirming in its wrinkles

flashy ones
and sharp ones
and steel ones
to warn my jeans that
desertion is punishable by death

zigzags all over
like billboards on a highway
to be dipped in them
and lifted, shimmering
like the surface of windows
after the rain

a whole flurry of them
spangled, sequined and brass
full of Catholic school discipline
to hold my heart
from bursting through the ribs
and landing into the flat of your hand


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