Robert Alan Wendeborn

Our Respective Homelands

I am wearing nothing but a beard and sandals on the beach and you are

wearing sun glasses. I am dating you in secret. We are spies. We write

messages back and forth and hide them in a pair of your cowboy boots that

we leave at the side of the pool. Your messages say, I’m coming to the capitol,

but I’m not alone this time (stop) no need for the lamb skins. And mine say,

there’s nothing left between the ribs and the loins so I’ve left a stack of pillows

(stop) I’ve brought the liver instead. You are a good spy and I am a bad spy.

We are both double agents. Our insatiable appetite for new cultures and

secrets, brings us together. Right now on this beach we are in love: the

sweaty and bearded nakedness that is me, and the mysterious glowing

figure that is you. The only thing we love more than new cultures, is each

other. And like all couples, the only thing we love more than each other, is

our secrets.

[BIO]: Robert has an advanced degree in writing and is a composition instructor at San Juan College.

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