Natalie Keshlear

[BIO]: Natalie is a community manager in Berlin, Germany.

Jet Lagged Heart

There is a place somewhere inside my heart that only beats for you. Blood boiling and pulsating pounding rhythms, thumping for you. My cold jet-lagged heart is yours. I do not know what love is. I do not know what it looks like. I do not know what it tastes like or feels like or smells like, but I breathe you and I taste you and you are sweet smelling dripping in honey.

You dictate me easily and I weep for you and I smile for you and I am confused by you and all I think of is you. Every puddle reflects your image and warmth, you are in every store window and in every sweet smell.

You are full of light – there is a darkness there but it is hidden behind your smile. Hidden far away from anyone but yourself and that is where you will always keep it and I know this. You exhaust me and invigorate me and I can’t think around you and I think too much as well.

I think I met you somewhere in my dreams because you will never be a part of my reality. You live in my dreams. You consume me.

Still, I do not know love. I only know your eyes and how they cut me so deep.


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