The Music Behind Them

Move into your children’s breath
beneath trees of Tuesday

Vanish in the plum August
of your daughter’s house

Birds tremble above the roof
Set the forbidden ladder

against the back upstairs window
where years look out to

sons dormant with colorful theft
Place sunflowers on a red

kitchen chair as a sign
Invite the harp players

to stand under the pear trees
until evening burns the fence

And when you cannot feel
your hands in your lover’s hair

take a deep breath
listen to her whisper your name

if it sounds like an oboe
it means you are gone

if it sounds like rain
you are not coming back

if it sounds like windchimes
you walk through the house like sad water

So lean into her breath
like it was shade

like it was your world


BIO: Lenny’s book of poetry Alphabetical Disorder is available at Amazon.com.


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