Lawrence Yoon

Eating Clocks

He has been eating clocks.

Its hands, faces, and digits.

Clutching his ears, he can still hear

The screaming of time.


His mind is sent back

To his childhood, re-living

The terrors within every nook and cranny.

Fear grips his shaky hands.


The green fairy gently tempts his father

Into trances, as if he was a stringed marionette.

He would mumble gibberish.

Such spirit spat into his face.


The fuse to his father runs deep.

Mouth to lung to mind, black powder

Ready to ignite, ready to burst,

Yellow stained fingers lash out, stabbing.


He eats clocks.

Its hands, faces, and digits.

He is prisoner to time,

And prisoner to himself.


[BIO]: Lawrence is a senior at Stuyvesant High School and plans to study engineering.

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