Postcard from Random Data off the Internet


i’m tired of routing through a network so nebulous so intangible i want to reach out
and touch someone so i thought i would try something new rather old fashioned retro
well new for me ok so i scrawled myself in lead on this thin piece of tree so what
i don’t need sunlight water or carbon dioxide so what my roots aren’t found
in the ground i normally fly high speed on the information highway like a monkey
swinging tree to tree i ping ip to ip to business to home to mac to pc to laptop to
phone to tablet to gizmo gadget but this time i wanted my 1s and 0s to arrive
with a stamp so i licked it and sent it with an old school mailman who walked
house to house carrying his satchel wearing blue shorts in summertime dropping
me through the metal slot in your front door with no password where i landed on
linoleum in your entry hall oh goody you got mail you do not even have to open
me my words are displayed for all to see you see i wanted you to touch me pick
me up hold me in your hand but my bytes have no commas you furl your brow shake
your head this is weird toss me in the wastebasket where i can’t wait for you to
take me out with the trash for the garbage man to collect me throw me in his truck
for an open my senses stench filled ride see how he jumps on the side for a short trip
to the next house oh boy the reverse high pitch beep beep beep then brum brum to the
dump better than standing by in your desktop recycle bin until you delete me forever. 



[BIO]: Kristi graduated from The Writer’s Loft at Middle Tennessee State University and lives and writes in Dallas.

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