girl girls girl

i immediately recognized the high
priestess unexpectedly bumped
into me with bloody knuckles
chicago chafed brick walls or xema
wouldn’t occur to my shrill moment
until later when the prince came
down in price saying go back
to work on words as your words are
simply a heap is
a heap
to so much phantom
venus snared mars
to refuse a wink in this throat
while tongues blur uniform
women wonder woman
which i owe more than own
a tense awe from that weaseled front
row next to the boss two slut shamed
red lips singed Bet, screening beta version
inscribe her rabbinical fuck
superflous to know
future shadows massachettus cast
veiled my eyes what is
my plural voice sprung drunk
questions about
face all i read & listened to her
pun enhanced interview codex
scholars in the lecture
hall built scholarly
wherein i lost that tone
for a flame as piled up smoke
like a lie tourist attention
herein i can’t escape i
choose brief louding
now she got on deck
like next up but but forever i
look folly sweating
to jay-z cornered
pockets brimming with quarters
tilt walking to the bodega
for camels being as my firebird is
is impounded i’m ezra
the sphinx nose twerking
white beach tan bay
back or pelican
amongst other floridian
birds colored dull
ugly in the lines
uglying up lines

i don’t exhaust myself
for this
i repel to attachments
ripple cloak infinite
no home goes
meanial the child
superugly in a love

David is editor-in-chief of similar:peaks:: and is a used bookstore employee.






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