Conrad Milhaupt

[BIO]: Conrad is in the eighth grade at The School at Columbia University in New York City.


America the Beautiful

Why is it that no one sees?

All the poverty and pain

There’s no place for poor

It’s the rich ones that gain


There is sickness and famine

Our government’s corrupt

Bickering between parties

As the “War on Terror” erupts


Now don’t get me wrong

We’re in the golden land

Who would think otherwise

With economic crises at hand?


The media just blinds us

It does us no good

Only killings and muggings shown

Not the news that it should


Like the fact public health care

Is not just a given.

Speaking out against wrong

Is all but forbidden


We needed some change

So what did we do?

We elected a black president

Barack Obama is who


He tried to fix a system

Riddled with problems and lies

But being right was the only issue

In many congressmen’s eyes


So how to help our country

Just what can we do?

When the nation needs help

The answer is you



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