Charles Gabel’s New Skill and Other Updates from your Network

after their last fucking email about “careerism”
& how we should take to mending daylight
back into our wardrobe, I’m ready to pester
the ash around me into something useful
not like a poem, more like a version of me
that’s willing to improve—it’s five after midnight
my mouth worn down in the small print
promise to unsubscribe every further update
from LinkedIn, yes, where the dead go to chatter
& tell us we’ve got to be pliable, goal-oriented
but if I can’t introduce myself online
how will everyone here know I’ve taken to driving
through roundabouts at night with my eyes closed,
lips pressed lightly into the steer, that this is the best I got

BIO: Adrian lives in Colorado, where he’s working on his MFA.

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