sonnet 313 [we laughed the rain down

for pam


between  sky  and us

i found  where you keep

worry // tucked behind

              patience and a cloud // one

                  that never leaves

                                 stays put

            mamá mentioned them //

                  in her farm songs  about

roosters chasing her in circles //

            papá mending fences //

            mamá y sus pollos //


                              it s rain


that washes memory  deep

into skin // something you can t

scour away  such as  pérdida //

                              a scent

                      that follows you

into a forever i d like to tell you about //

on this  en este día  cuando visitaremos

                this place //

                este lugar  to stay

                          like the clouds // laughing

                             the rain down //


live with me

           in this next line //

from here  now

                we can eat the stars


[BIO]: Adam received his MFA from Eastern Washington University.

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